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Pole Star

Pole Star is a Corporate member of Maritime London

At Pole Star we develop pioneering technologies, keeping you at the forefront of maritime insight and empowering your real-world decisions.

Movement across our oceans is critical to the global economy, impacting all of us, every day. With 90% of world trade travelling by sea, we all rely on the smooth running of the maritime industry for stability, security, and business continuity.

We are proud to work with governments and businesses across the supply chain. Together, we play an essential part in creating a transparent, secure, and compliant operating environment.

Since 1998, we have pushed the limits of innovation, mitigating growing threats to ships, supply chains, cargo, territorial waters and, most importantly, lives within the maritime infrastructure and beyond.

Today, we continue to develop new ways of turning complex data into accessible insight across regulatory conformance, sanctions screening, trade compliance, tracking, monitoring, and ship security.

Our wide range of solutions are designed specifically to enable time-critical decisions and mitigate risk across all facets of maritime activity – from cross-border trade to the monitoring of territorial waters and everything in between.

Pole Star – advancing technologies for a safer, more secure world.

Tel:+44 (0)2073 137 400
Fax:+44 (0)2073 137 401
Address:The Yellow Building
1 Nicholas Road
W11 4AN
United Kingdom

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