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Norwegian Hull Club

Norwegian Hull Club is a Corporate member of Maritime London

Norwegian Hull Club is one of the world’s largest pure marine underwriters, with roots going back to 1837. We provide an extensive, diverse portfolio of covers for Shipowners, Offshore Energy and Renewables Contractors and Operators, and Yacht Owners.

We insure more than 11,000 units globally. Of these, The Club is claims lead for more than half.

Our Mission is to secure lives, health, environment and property to help protect both people and the planet. This is the foundation of Norwegian Hull Club’s service concept; The Club has solid casualty and emergency response experience. When taken together with our comprehensive Loss Prevention Programme, we can confidently state that we are global leaders within our field.

“The difference at Norwegian Hull Club? It’s the people.”

This means we’re all about long-term relationships with our clients and members, focusing on the demands and challenges not only of today but tomorrow, too. Our slogan, “Expect More”, highlights our ceaseless efforts to exceed our clients’ expectations at all times.

Our Vision is to be the leading marine insurer – not necessarily the largest. For us, it’s all about being considered ‘the best’.

Go to our website to learn more about Norwegian Hull Club:

Tel:+47 5555 9500
Address:37-39 Lime Street
United Kingdom

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