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Britannia P&I Club Sponsors Wellness at Sea App

Wellness at Sea app from maritime welfare charity Sailors’ Society

Posted on: 12 October 2017

Britannia P&I Club has agreed to sponsor the Wellness at Sea app from maritime welfare charity Sailors’ Society.

The well-being of seafarers is of utmost importance to the smooth running of the world fleet and the app contains a coaching programme to reflect their needs and those of their employers by promoting cultural awareness, emotional intelligence, social skills and spiritual well-being alongside more familiar skills.

Spending long periods away from family and friends, combined with the stresses of working and living in a confined environment, has led to an increase in poor mental and physical health among seafarers with suicide rates more than tripling since 2014.

The Wellness at Sea app provides seafarers with a range of knowledge and skills, intended to have a positive impact on their lives.

Exercise is a natural stress reliever as it releases endorphins into the body, so the app has been updated to include quick and more testing workouts.

A range of healthy eating tips and recipes that cater for a variety of nationalities is also available, containing a good selection of meat and vegetable dishes.

Eating a healthy balanced diet is important especially as recent health statistics among seafarers show cardiovascular conditions, obesity and diabetes are common reasons for seafarers failing their pre-departure medicals.

The app also enables users to monitor their social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual wellness on a daily basis, in addition to providing information on maritime welfare organisations across the globe and AIS tracking data.

“We felt it was important that Britannia P&I Club sponsored Sailors’ Society’s Wellness at Sea app as keeping crew healthy in mind and body is essential to an efficiently run vessel. Seafaring is a tough job and the industry needs to support the human element in every way it can. By following the good advice offered in this app, seafarers can find ways to relieve stress, eat healthily and seek welfare advice,” said Andrew Cutler, CEO Tindall Riley (Britannia) Ltd.

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