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Search for interested parties working in innovative digital technology that could be applied within the maritime sector

Posted on: 15 September 2017

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has issued a global call for partners active in the area of innovative digital technologies related to the safety and performance of marine vessels.

In 2016 LR set out to materially increase the role it plays in accelerating the development and safe adoption of digital solutions addressing the growing complexity and operational challenges facing the global shipping industry.
The strategy focused on creating a network of innovation partnerships able to collaborate with LR clients to rapidly test new concepts and scale these to commercially ready solutions.
To date, LR has successfully built a portfolio of investments and partnerships to tackle the challenges and opportunities of Industry 4.0. Recently this has included:
  • Acquisition of the SEASAFE portfolio of software solutions, which specialises in real-time data management of on board loading and stability for vessels and offshore structures.
  • Collaboration with QinetiQ to deliver world-class cyber security services.
  • Strategic partnership with QiO, a fast-growing Industry 4.0 company, whose data platform and cloud enabled solutions are transforming how big data analytics improve clients’ operational effectiveness and reduce risks.
  • Significant investment in Hamburg-based ship management software provider Hanseaticsoft, which provides modern fleet management software solutions to optimise workflows in shipping companies, offering new perspectives on processes and increasing business performance.

London International Shipping Week 2017, 11-15th September, has again focused the spotlight on the need for the industry to consider ‘Tomorrow’s Maritime World’. In particular, how can we build an efficient and innovative maritime business sector that is able to solve the known and unknown challenges of tomorrow?

LR sees that more rapid and effective innovation is required, in particular to address the following:

a. Drive further operational efficiencies

b. Optimise vessel and fleet performance

c. More effectively manage the dual pressure of increased performance while striving for higher reliability and safety

d. Harness the exponential growth of data to give a more holistic view of ships as critical, connected components within the global supply chains which they serve

The first step through this call is to find out which companies have innovative ideas for products and services that would align with the above and who might benefit from partnership with LR, with a view to potential collaboration.
The contact point for this call is Nial McCollam, Chief Technology Officer, Lloyd’s Register. Expressions of interest and enquiries should be sent to

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