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Steamship Mutual releases “Protection on Board” film

Posted on: 29 June 2020

Steamship Mutual has released the “Protection on Board“, the third in the series of Coronavirus related videos.  The earlier films provided guidance to seafarers on how to build mental resilience to cope with the understandable worries and anxieties that arise from the COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst such worries and anxieties can persist even when the vessel is on passage and far away from sources of infection, the ship will eventually arrive at its port of discharge or loading. At this transition, seafarers will be understandably concerned about the real threat of infection arising from the inevitable interaction with shore-based personnel during cargo operations.

“Protection on Board” addresses the threats that arise when the vessel reaches port, and identifies the measures that should be taken and the procedures to be followed to reduce the risk of seafarers contracting the virus during their vessel’s time in port.

Chris Adams, Managing Director and Head of Loss Prevention for Steamship Mutual said: “The critical importance of the world’s merchant fleet and its seafarers in sustaining supply lines and economies has been brought into sharp focus by the COVID-9 pandemic. The operations of loading and discharging cargo, and the associated interaction with shore staff during this time, inevitably present potential risk to the crew of coronavirus infection. The guidance in this programme, “Protection on Board”, will hopefully assist seafarers to stay safe and well during these essential operations.”

Stephen Bond, Director Marine Media Enterprises added: “Following on from our first two programmes on how to keep our seafarers safe and away from the risk of infection, I believe the third in this series “Protection on Board” emphasises awareness to a higher level for all those working on board and for those having to interact with shore staff and those having to come on board”.

The new video was produced by Marine Media Enterprises with the support of Columbia Ship Management, Petronav Ship Management, The International Chamber of Shipping, MCTC Marine Ltd, Seaworld Management and Steamship Mutual. The film can be viewed, shared or downloaded from the Club’s website or for distribution to your fleet the film is also available from

To view or dowload the two earlier videos please use the relevant links “Coronavirus – Stay Safe On Board” and “Coronavirus – Mental Resilience On Board“, which is available with Korean, Tagalog, Brazilian-Portuguese and Chinese subtitles.

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