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Braemar and Womar target Chemical Tanker earnings

and launch the market’s first online J19 Index and (Braemar) Forecast Tool to 2030 ‘Every Market Needs an Index’

Posted on: 6 July 2021

‘Every Market Needs an Index’

Braemar ACM Shipbroking, in partnership with WOMAR Tanker Pools, is launching a Time Charter Equivalent Earnings Index and forecasting tool for the Chemical Stainless Steel J19 Market. The Index has become available on  July 1st and is accessible free online via the Braemar Screen:

The Braemar Womar Index comprises 19 major chemical tanker trading routes around the world. BraemarScreen will allow users to access monthly global TCE figures and compare individual routes.

This Index is a collaboration between Womar Tanker Pools, FDX Group, Braemar ACM’s Specialised Tanker Department and Braemar’s technology joint-venture partner Zuma Labs.

The Index combines extensive market knowledge, publicly available information such as bunker prices, port costs, freight rates, and uses cargo tracking software to adjust route weightings. The Index produces an independent benchmark for the fleet; as such, all relevant information is supplied by external sources.

The forecasting tool, a Braemar exclusive feature, measures supply and demand factors within this market to make a projection of future TCE earnings up to 2030 for the J19 sector.

Until now the J19 market has lacked transparency. Braemar and Womar believe that an Index measuring the earnings of the fleet will provide a useful benchmarking tool to the industry. For institutional investors, private equity and family offices, this index will provide a much-needed accurate market assessment in an otherwise opaque sector that will drive growth in investment capital. The J19 fleet makes up more than 50% of all Stainless Steel vessels greater than 19,000 dwt and is the workhorse for the deep-sea chemical tanker industry.

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