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Cosco Maritime (UK) m/v Cosco Shanghai rescues Philippino flagged m/v Foxhound

Posted on: 26 October 2015

Cosco UK Limited London Registered M/V Cosco Shanghai responded to a distress call from the Philippines flag bulk carrier M/V Foxhound on the evening of Saturday, 17th October, off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

The M/V Foxhound had just finished loading a cargo of logs and was on passage to Kimbe to clear outbound for Zhangjiagang in China.

Master of the M/V Cosco Shanghai immediately adjusted course to the distress call location and reported to AMSA at the same time. Upon locating the lifeboat with the crew of M/V Foxhound, M/V Cosco Shanghai crew immediately commenced rescue procedures.

All 21 seamen from the M/V Foxhound were safely rescued and were safely landed at Sydney Australia on the 22nd October, and have since returned home to their families.

Cosco UK have received words of congratulations from the MCA for the efforts of the crew of the M/V COSCO Shanghai.

This operation reflects Cosco crew’s readiness to come to the aid of vessels in distress, and the success of the rescue operations is owed to the skills of the crew who undergo constant training in preparation for such unfortunate incidents at sea.

Loadstar Shipping, owners of M/V Foxhound, wrote a letter of thanks to Captain Shen of the M/V Cosco Shanghai, saying: ‘The crew of vessel Foxhound had spoken highly of the professionalism and skill of the Captain, Officers and crew of the COSCO SHANGHAI and are very thankful for the hospitality that were extended to them while on board.’

P&I Club Correspondents at Sydney, coordinating the repatriation of the crew of M/V Foxhound, also wrote: ‘Once again my personal and our Clients immense thanks to you and your Crew for the wonderful assistance provided to our Clients Crew Members; the care and compassion and attention you showed was exemplary and one of the greatest things I have witnessed in my 25 years as a Maritime lawyer.

 ‘The Master of Foxhound and his Crew spoke about you and your Men in glowing terms; in one sense I think they will be sorry to leave your Fine Ship.’

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