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Marine Society launches English@Sea +

Posted on: 3 August 2020

Marine Society has launched English@Sea Plus, a new course aimed at improving English language skills at sea.

English@Sea Plus has been designed to help international seafarers improve their standards in reading, writing and listening in the world’s maritime language. The online course allows those who understand some English to communicate more effectively.

The importance of good language skills remains a priority for all those on board. All officers in charge of a watch must be comfortable with written and spoken English, while ratings must be able to follow orders given in English. In emergency situations, crew members need to be able to communicate in English with passengers.

English@Sea Plus took over six months to formulate and is packed with audio-visual content, presented to allow students to learn flexibly. It will help students learn more about grammar, understand how sentences break down and give them greater freedom to describe their experiences, dreams, hopes and ambitions.

Marine Society’s Digital Products Manager Iffaf Khan said: “English is the primary language on almost all vessels and effective communication is of vital importance.  I believe this course will give seafarers the opportunity to build their confidence when communicating with either ratings or officers.”

For more information about English@Sea Plus or the Marine Society’s Beginners English course, please visit here.

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