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Shipowners’ Club to maintain steady growth in business and a strong financial position

Posted on: 2 November 2015

The Shipowners’ Club, the leading P&I insurer in the smaller and specialist vessel sector, has reported steady results for the six months ended 20 August 2015. Growth in the Club’s business in the first two quarters of the year has been supported by increased vessel activity.

While it is too early to predict the year’s underwriting performance, the first six months have been encouraging, with a small underwriting surplus on the 2015 policy year. Back year improvements on prior years have given rise to a combined ratio of 87% at the half year.

The Report highlights:
•    Combined ratio 87.0% (2014/15: 95.5%)
•    Capital and free reserves US$ 301.8 (2014/15: US$314.1m)
•    Increase in free reserves US$ 1.5m (2014/15: US$15.3m)
•    Earned premiums US$ 118.0m (2014/15: US$120.3m)
•    Ultimate claims US$ 63.6m (2014/15: US$73.6m)
•    Underwriting surplus US$ 12.9m (2014/15: US$4.6m)

The Club’s financial year end is planned to change from 20th February to 31st December to be in line with the calendar year. As a consequence, the current financial year, which commenced at 20th February 2015, will end on 31st December 2015 and the Club will, for the 2015 financial year only, report on a slightly reduced number of months (ten months, 11 days). The Club will release its annual report and accounts earlier; this will also include the Club’s policy year position at 20th February to allow for previous year comparisons and thereby enabling Members, brokers and commentators to the P&I industry to continue monitoring the Club’s results on a policy year basis.

Simon Swallow, Chief Executive of The Shipowners’ Club, commented: “Falling oil prices and a reduction in trade with China have impacted certain sectors of the Club’s business. Yet diversification, afforded through our various vessel types and trading regions, has supported increased vessel activity and the Club remains in a secure financial position.

“The difficult trading conditions affecting many sectors of the Club’s membership were taken into consideration when the Board decided no general increase would be applied to premiums. As the cost of claims continues to rise, the Club prides itself on working with our members, through loss prevention initiatives, to share claims information and lessons learned based on causation to improve the standard and quality of their operations.

“In our 160th year we look ahead with confidence that with the expertise and experience of our people, we will continue to offer our members and brokers the widest cover, spread and diversification of risk, supported by our mutual philosophy.”

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