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The Standard Club’s update to Master’s Guides

Posted on: 29 March 2021

As part of the Loss Prevention department’s continuing commitment to safety at sea, The Standard Club has produced a number of ‘Master’s Guides’ which focus on delivering best practice advice on key areas of vessel operations to avert avoidable claims and prevent accidents, casualties and incidents at sea. These guides were created by harnessing the professional knowledge of members of its Loss Prevention team who have served at sea.

All Master’s Guides are in the process of being updated to ensure the Club’s members have access to the correct and accurate safety advice.

A Master’s Guide to Ship’s piping was first produced in 2005 and is an original Standard Club publication. Now in its third edition, it is composed of the work of Tim Prior, Senior Surveyor.

The purpose of this guide is to promote industry best practice, and alert ships’ crews to the danger of catastrophic loss that can result from pipe failure.

This new edition includes additional advice on engine, cargo and hydraulic piping, and dealing with piping failures by temporary repairs such as clamps and chemical resins.

This guide was written in collaboration with RINA, one of the top-ranking marine classification societies in the world.

The latest versions of all Guides can be downloaded from The Standard Club’s website by following this link.

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