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The International Underwriting Association

The International Underwriting Association is a Foundation member of Maritime London

The International Underwriting Association of London (IUA) is the focal representative and market organisation for non-Lloyd’s international and wholesale insurance and reinsurance companies operating in the London Market.

Brokers, clients and regulators all have expectations that a company is up to date with market developments. Membership of the IUA enables staff to be aware of changes to the business environment which may affect their operational responsibilities or present business opportunities.

The IUA publishes over 100 information circulars a year on a wide range of London Market issues. More than 700 individuals from across the association’s member companies regularly attend committees and working groups supported by the IUA. These groups discuss may lobby regulatory bodies, review market wordings, organise speaker presentations and liaise with other professional bodies.

The IUA was formed on 31 December 1998, through the merger of the London International Insurance and Reinsurance Market Association (LIRMA) and the Institute of London Underwriters (ILU). This union brought together the representative bodies for the marine and non-marine sectors of the London company insurance market.

Tel:+44 (0)2076 174 444
Address:1 Minster Court
Mincing Lane
United Kingdom

What is Maritime London?

Maritime London – the promotional body for UK based companies providing professional services to the international shipping industry

Funded by over 100 companies and organisations from a wide range of disciplines, Maritime London ensures that the UK remains a world beating location to base a maritime related business. Maritime London’s mission is to promote the UK as the world’s premier maritime business centre.

Our core Maritime Services

The UK is home to a world beating array of professional maritime service providers. Maritime sectors include:

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