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Maritime News tagged with London P&I

London P&I related news from the UK and beyond

Bringing you a selected round-up of significant news, opinion and events involving Maritime London members and the UK shipping cluster generally, with special emphasis on the economic impact of the maritime services’ sector and its contribution to the wider national economy.

London P&I Club records encouraging growth

London P&I Club records encouraging growth

Following the recent completion of the 2018 renewal, the London P&I Club saw an encouraging 2.5m gt, or 5.8% year-on-year increase in its mutual business,...Read More

London P&I Club reports increased free reserves for 2016/2017

The London P&I Club has issued an advance summary of its result for the 2016/2017 financial year, ahead of the publication of its annual report. The...Read More

London P&I Club supports appointment of warranty surveyors for deck cargo loads

THE London P&I Club has highlighted a recent increase in the incidence of deck cargoes shifting in heavy weather, and supported a recommendation to...Read More

London P&I Club celebrates 150 years of operation

The London P&I Club is celebrating its 150th anniversary during 2016/17, and has published a history of the club to mark the occasion.Nigel Watson,...Read More

London P&I Club reports increased free reserves

The London P&I Club’s result for the 2015/2016 financial year produced an overall operating surplus of $3.3m, lifting the free reserve to $160.7m....Read More

London P&I Club says digital cameras can provide vital evidence in defending claims

THE London P&I Club has recommended that ship owners and operators keep a good-quality digital camera on board their vessels as part of their attempts...Read More

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Maritime London – the promotional body for UK based companies providing professional services to the international shipping industry

Funded by over 100 companies and organisations from a wide range of disciplines, Maritime London ensures that the UK remains a world beating location to base a maritime related business. Maritime London’s mission is to promote the UK as the world’s premier maritime business centre.

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The UK is home to a world beating array of professional maritime service providers. Maritime sectors include:

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